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10K Shot Club Challenge

2024 10,000 Shot Club Challenge

The EBA 10,000 Shot Club Challenge is a chance for you to improve your shooting skills over the summer with a goal you can achieve! Those who get to 10,000 shots over the course of the summer will receive a T-shirt and will be announced at halftime of a Varsity basketball game next season. Here's how it works:

- Tracking your shots is based on the honor system.  Please estimate the number of shots as accurately as possible.  For reference, if a player shoots 10 shots per minute, that is about 200 shots per 20 minutes or 600 shots per hour.  That would be if the player is constantly shooting continuously, which is difficult to keep up for long periods.  A good guess is about 200 shots in 30 minutes, or about 400 shots in an hour.  Players can certainly do more or less than that depending on the workout.

- To get the most benefit, players should shoot a variety of shots.  Layups, form shooting, free throws, three pointers, baseline jumpers, elbow jumpers, etc.

- Players should concentrate on using proper form when shooting.  It doesn't do a player any good to shoot 10,000 shots if their mechanics are wrong.  There are a few videos below that describe proper shooting technique.

- Please record your shots on a weekly or monthly basis.  After a month is completed, we are going to lock down the numbers for that month so they cannot be updated.  This will help ensure that previous data won't be mistakenly erased or changed.  

(Click the link below to go to the Google Doc)

EBA Shot Club Logo

Summer 2024 10K Shot Club

Click the link below to sign up and record your shots over the summer. The first week starts on Saturday, June 8, 2024, and the challenge runs for 16 weeks. 

2023 10K Shot Club

Congrats to our 2023 10K Shot Club Members!

Last Name First Name Grade (as of Fall of 2023) Running Total
Zewers Amerie 8th 33000
Gray Tyler   19755
Scrivner Burnam 7th 18315
Sprick Leilani 6th 18150
Olson Zoe 7th 17300
Senst Ellie 7th 14950
Hanson Will 6th 14600
Trygstad Nolan 7th 14025
Anderson Ryland 6th 13,900
Larson Callan 7th 13850
Lankford Luke   13830
Binkley Ruby 6th 13800
Logan Jack 8th 13700
Holland Alex 6th 14415
Kirby Sean 6th 13475
Pazand Skye 6th 13450
Johnson Jackie 7th 13200
Mattson Riley 4th 12500
Morrissey Braydon 6th 12343
Whitfield Jameson 4th 12200
Pahl Kaius 5th 12100
Ranasinghe Vihaan 7th 12000
Zewers Isla 4th 11950
Pickering Bennett 7th 11550
Johnson JJ 4th 11480
Larson Alexa 6th 11000
Thorsness Jameson 8th 10975
Yehlen Drew 4th 10971
Morris Charlotte 6th 10950
Morris Etta 4th 10950
Ehrenberg Avery 6th 10,900
Owata Lucas 6th 10820
Swanson Jack 5th 10803
Norberg Kiara 6th 10780
Norris Abby 6th 10680
Spoden Joseph 5th 10675
Pahl Marius 3rd 10650
Boynton Greta   10650
Grunklee Alex 5th 10400
Hanson Joe 3rd 10400
Erickson Eli 5th 10350
Forshee Charolette 4th 10350
Johnson Josie 7th 10300
Thorsness Sienna 5th 10250
Johnson Grant 5th 10224
Pontrelli Lucia 6th 10200
Grengs Belinda 4th 10100
Noack   7th 10095
Thorson Kendall 8th 10070
Bork Abby 7th 10061
Stien Alayna 4th 10057
Ruhsam Caleb 6th 10053
Yehlen Brady 7th 10050
Pazand Willow 3rd 10050
Johnson Jillian 6th 10050
Wohletz Hailey 7th 10033
Kirby Patrick 3rd 10,025
Thorson Brynn 5th 10025
Johnson Amelia 6th 10020
Heil Celia 6th 10000
Hurka Isaac 6th 10000
Johnson Deshaun 6th 10000

2022 10,000 SHOT CLUB

Congrats to our Summer 2022 10K Shot Club members!

10k Shot Club (Summer 2022) 

Binkley Ruby
Bly Tyler
Boynton Greta
Casperson Kendrick
Cherner Eli
Ehrenberg  Avery
Erickson Eli
Forshee Hadley
Frank Rhys
Gray Tyler
Grunklee Alex
Hanson Will
Heil Ceilia
Johnson Deshaun
Johnson Jill
Johnson Josie
Johnson Jackie
Jordahl Rachel
Josephson Erica
Kirby Sean
Klaus Luke
Larson Alexa
Larson Callan
Larson Kennedy
Lewis  Robert 
Logan Jack
Norberg Kiara
Olson Zoe
Pazand Skye
Peterson Gracyn
Pontrelli Lucia
Ressler Gabe
Rice Eva
Ruhsam Caleb
Sanchez Jace
Schoen Lucy
Senst Ellie
Sprick Leilani
Swanson Jack
Tait Gavin
Thorsness Jameson
Thorson Kendall 
Trygstad Nolan
Wicklund  Micah