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Playing Time Policy

Playing Time Policy

Eagan Basketball Association has been established as a developmental sports organization.  Players in our program will be given fair and approximately equal playing time (7th and 8th grade exception- see note at bottom).  In order to clarify this position for both parents and coaches, the Board has established the following guidelines:

  • In-house players will get equal playing time, no exceptions.
  • Actual time each player is on the floor may vary from game to game, but should be approximately equal over the course of the season (7th & 8th grade exception- see note at bottom).
  • Coaches can deviate from the guidelines under “extenuating circumstances or situations,” such as a player repeatedly missing practice, player behavioral problems, player injuries, etc.
  • During the season, basketball practices and tournaments should take precedence over all activities other than family, church or school functions.  If a player misses practices or games for other reasons, the coach is not required to abide by the fair and equal playing time guidelines.

By adhering to the spirit of these guidelines, EBA should provide all players an exciting and competitive opportunity to all participants who invest time and energy into the development of their skills.

NOTE- 7th and 8th grade teams will have a 40% minimum playing time policy for the entire season..