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Travel Registration is now closed.

Registration runs July 5 to August 31 each year.


The EBA runs a traveling basketball program for boys and girls, grades 3 to 8. The traveling program is designed to develop players through competitive practices and games against other basketball association teams in the State of Minnesota and beyond.  

EBA Traveling Basketball consists of the following: 

  • Boys teams by grade, 3-8, with 8-10 players per team
  • Girls teams by grade, 3-8, with 8-10 players per team
  • Seasons run from October to March
  • Registration runs from July to August
  • Tryouts take place in September
  • Teams are assigned after tryouts as A, B, and C teams
  • Volunteer head coaches interview in August and are assigned to teams after tryouts are completed
  • Paid head coaches for 7th and 8th grade A teams interview in July or August
  • Additional paid coaches are hired based on need the number and quality of volunteer head coaches and their interviews 
  • After tryouts, a paid coach may be assigned to your team; when this happens, parents are responsible to pay their share for the cost of the paid coach
  • Volunteer assistant coaches and team managers are assigned in October with consultation of the team head coach
  • Teams practice 2-5 times per week depending on gym availability
  • Teams participate in 8-10 tournaments including the State Tournament in March
  • NEW 2023-24: 3rd grade travel teams will participate in league games in addition to 4-6 tournaments.

Each grade level typically has 2 to 4 traveling teams. EBA endeavors to place all those trying out on an A, B, or C team based on level of play. There may be rare circumstances where a player is unable to be placed on a team due to the number of players trying out.  In the rare instances where we cut a player, they can register for in-house (available up to grade 6).

Player Eligibility

The EBA is part of the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) and competes in MYAS tournaments, including the state tournament. Eligibility is generally subject to MYAS eligibility rules and requirements.  Current eligibility rules generally require players to be able to demonstrate enrollment at a school within the Eagan High School boundaries, or to demonstrate residency within such boundaries if the player is enrolled at a private or charter school outside such boundaries. For more information about eligibility requirements visit MYAS's website  or contact the EBA President. 



2023 Traveling Tryouts --> Click above for exact times/locations

Session 1 (September 15, 17)

Session 2 (September 22, 24)

Traveling Paid Coach Program: Eagan Traveling Basketball hires paid coaches based on anticipated need before the start of each season. If your team is assigned a paid coach, you are responsible to pay for your player's share of the cost for that paid coach (usually $200 to $350). 


A group of board members evaluates and interviews those who volunteer to be a head coach each season. The board makes decisions on the number of paid coaches to hire each season based on anticipated need which is gathered from the number and quality of head coach candidates interviewed. Paid coaches are hired before the season starts, usually in August and September, because it is extremely difficult to hire good paid coaches at a later time (when most of the good paid coaches are already committed to other programs).


Other traveling associations assign and charge parents for paid coaches much more often than does our association and at a greater cost to parents. In July to August, multiple board members spend significant time evaluating and interviewing volunteer parent head coach candidates and they estimate the need for paid coaches. If a grade level has more teams or very few quality head coach candidates, the board decides whether to hire more paid coaches. Once a paid coach is hired, that coach is under contract to coach in our program that season and will be assigned to a team. 


Every paid coach we hire is assigned to a team. When there is a team without a volunteer parent coach, a paid coach is assigned to that team. Exceptions to this rule only occur when there are more teams without a coach than there are paid coaches available. In this circumstance, the board assigns already hired paid coaches to teams and then asks the remaining teams whether a parent will volunteer or the board attempts to hire another paid coach for those teams. Even if a parent is willing to volunteer, the board must evaluate their ability to coach, their background, and then decide whether (a) they are a satisfactory head coach, or (b) to hire another paid coach.


Because our traveling program is designed to play at the highest levels, the board's position is that it is best practice to assign a paid coach to a traveling team that is without a willing, interviewed, and approved parent-volunteer coach. The board generally does not prefer assigning a reluctant parent who may or may not know the game of basketball to a traveling team. The board often receives requests from our parents for more paid coaches each season rather than assigning parent-volunteer coaches. At least one association we regularly play against assigns all teams paid coaches for traveling. For added perspective, our registration fees for traveling basketball and coach fees are lower than most of our surrounding associations (often significantly lower).


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