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Eagan Basketball Association

Eagan Athletic Association

Equipment and Uniform Return Scheduled for June 3rd


Boys and Girls Equipment and Jersey Return 


Wednesday, June 3rd.


6 pm - 9 pm


Equipment Shed

Northview Park Athletic Fields

West side of park, twin buildings at largest parking lot


ETB will provide a safe process for returning any remaining jerseys and equipment that you may have.  We are going to use a drive-thru system so parents and coaches won't have to leave their cars to return any items.  When you arrive, just follow the line of cars until it is your turn.  Please tell the volunteer your child's name, grade, and team so they can cross you off the list, then hand them your jersey or coach's equipment bag.

If you are returning a jersey, please place it in a disposable paper or plastic bag.

In order to avoid crowding, please try to arrive during the following times according to your child's grade level.  We will accept jerseys and equipment at any time between 6 and 9 pm, but if you can make it during your allotted time, that would be great.

4th/5th grade - 6 to 7 pm

6th/7th grade - 7 to 8 pm

8th grade - 8 to 9 pm

Thank you all for your patience and for supporting Eagan Traveling Basketball!

Questions? Please email:

Mission of Eagan Basketball Association

Eagan Basketball Association was created to provide an opportunity for boys and girls in grades K through 8th to play the exciting game of basketball.  Emphasis is placed on fundamentals, player development, sportsmanship and teamwork.  Eagan In-House Basketball is built to teach the kids about the game, the fundamentals and how to enjoy it.  Eagan Traveling Basketball strives to establish competitive teams, who are led by knowledgeable coaches, with a goal of developing the players to be ready to compete at the next highest level.

Open EBA Board Positions

The Eagan Basketball Association is seeking motivated individuals to assist the program in various roles on their sport board for upcoming seasons. Below is a list of open positions along with a description of duties. Please email: with any questions or to apply for a position.

Girls’ Program Director

  • Will be responsible for overseeing the activities for their respective programs.
  • Will participate in the interview process for the coaches applying for their respective program.
  • Will coordinate coaches meeting and all materials presented to assist Head and Assistant Coaches during the season.
  • Will participate in tryouts to ensure fair practices are maintained during the selection of the players and coaches for teams.
  • Will plan for, schedule and communicate tournament information for their respective teams (Girls Director Only).
  • Will be responsible to ensure the individual teams, players and coaches are following the spirit and letter of these bylaws and the Player, Parent and Coaches Code of Conduct.
  • Will assist with coach recruitment.
  • Will be the first point of contact for the coaches.
  • Will be the first point of contact for Team Parents
  • Maintain detailed position descriptions, duties, written information and materials essential for use in transition of this position to the succeeding Board member.

Tryout Coordinator

✓ Will plan all elements of tryout process, including securing the facilities, assigning evaluators as appropriate, determining the appropriate drills and scrimmages to be used, securing the equipment necessary to conduct tryouts, etc. ✓ Will coordinate, schedule and conduct a Coaches/Evaluators session and a Parent Information meeting. Typically, these two will be held on the same evening, just prior to the tryouts. ✓ Will attend and conduct all tryout sessions, including explaining the drills, communicating all elements of the tryout process to the players, etc. ✓ Will create post-tryout survey and coordinate its distribution and tabulation of results. ✓ Maintain detailed position description, duties, written information and materials essential for use in the transition of this position to succeeding Board member.


In-House Co-Director

✓ Will prepare and manage budget for in-house basketball. ✓ Will coordinate registration process and end of season survey. ✓ Will coordinate coach selection, team assignments, team formation, background checks and concussion training. ✓ Will coordinate procurement of facilities and point of contact for facility operators. ✓ Will coordinate scheduling of practices, games, coaches meeting (s) and picture day(s). ✓ Will maintain and communicate rulebooks for the program. ✓ Will coordinate purchasing of equipment for the program, including basketball, jerseys, awards, coach’s shirts and misc. basketball equipment. ✓ Will coordinate the distribution of equipment to the coach’s equipment return and inventory. ✓ Will schedule appropriate clinics for the program (e.g. coaches clinic, EHS players clinic) ✓ Will coordinate referee application, hiring and schedule and obtain W-9 forms. ✓ Will maintain detailed position description, duties, written information and materials essential for use in the transition of this position to succeeding Board Member.


Directors at Large

✓ Will assist the Board with assigned tasks, including but not limited to promotion of the ETB program, fundraising, and tryouts/tournament administration. ✓ Will shadow current Board member to ensure smooth transition of responsibilities, if filling a Board position upon completion of his/her one-year term. 

*If you have questions on any of these positions, or are interested in applying, please email: directly.

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With the cancellation of our Spring/summer basketball events we have again partnered with NBA Skills Coach Reid Ouse to provide an awesome alternative for you!

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Reid has given us a GREAT DEAL, offering all Eagan players a FULL YEAR of access to his programs for $50 

We trust Reid with the development of our program, and think this is an awesome alternative to camps & Spring teams! We highly recommend this program!

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