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Traveling Myths

Travel Basketball Myths

MYTH:  You will spend the entire weekend, from November to March, at tournaments.

FACT:   Traditionally tournaments have been 2 days with a minimum of 3 games per weekend.  But more associations are running 1-day tournaments, where the team would play all of their games on either Saturday or Sunday. For 4th-8th grade, there are 9 weekend tournaments between November 1st and March 15th.

MYTH:  'Traveling' means we will be going to tournaments that are fifty or more miles from home.

FACT:  A majority of the tournaments we participate in take place around the south Metro.  There is typically one overnight tournament per season in Brainard, otherwise overnight tournaments are rare.

MYTH:  Only the highest level players are allowed to play and develop.

FACT:  All players are given the opportunity to develop their game due to balanced playing time and access to various team and individual development opportunities.

MYTH:  The teams are decided based on the previous years teams.

FACT:  All players participate in an impartial and fair tryout process prior to each season.

MYTH:  Practices occur every night and usually last for several hours.

FACT:  Typically, teams practice two (sometimes three) nights per week with each practice lasting around 1.5 hours.