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Coaches Corner

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Welcome to the Coaches' Corner - a place to find tips and resources for Eagan Youth Basketball coaches.

Here you can find resources for:

  1.  New drills 
  2. Plays
  3. Practice Plans

Every spring, the Eagan Basketball Association holds an annual Wildcat Basketball Academy for players and coaches where all Eagan Youth Coaches, in-house and traveling, are invited to attend and learn new drills, as well as the Eagan High School offensive and defensive schemes.  Click here to learn more. 


Contact for coaching questions, tips, help creating a practice plan, offensive or defensive sets, or other information. We have experienced coaches ready to come help at any Eagan youth practice (in house or travel)

Learn Great Plays & Drills

The internet and social media have lots of free content for coaches looking for new and better plays and drills for practice. Follow them on Twitter/Facebook or other social media for great ideas for drills, plays, and coaching tips. 

Our coaches have suggested the following resources to follow on social media (last updated spring 2022):



  • 0:00 =    3 on 2, 2 on 1 (Full Court) – 10 minutes
  • 0:10 =    Dribble Circle (Center Court) (right & left hand, low & high dribbling, cross overs, between the legs, hesitations) – 5 mins
  • 0:15 =    Zig Zag Dribbling (Full Court) (different changes of direction, changes of speed) – 5 mins
  • 0:20 =    Zig Zag Dribbling with Defender (Full Court) – 5 mins
  • 0:25 =    2-Minute Layups/UConn Layups into Elbow Jumpers (Full Court) – 10 mins
  • 0:35 =    Box out drills (2 Half Courts) – 10 mins
  • 0:45 =    Station drills (4 Baskets) (form shooting, post, pick and rolls, finishing moves) – 10 mins
  • 0:55 =    Defensive drills (2 Half Courts) (shuffling, close outs, taking charges) – 10 mins
  • 0:65 =    Shell Drill, Offensive/Defensive Sets, Run Set Plays, Press/Press Breaker – 20 mins
  • 0:85 =    Contest/Game (lightning, Mikans, 5 on 5…) – 5 mins

Coaching Tips –

  • Have the players show up 5 minutes early to stretch out.
  • Start with a drill that gets the kids moving and running to burn off any youthful extra energy and set a high intensity tone for practice.
  • Pick drills that minimize time standing around – split into two groups or stations to minimize down time for players.
  • Teaching offensive and defensive sets and plays are best done after a period when the players have been working hard, which helps them rest and pay attention.
  • If you have an hour for practice, create a schedule that runs for longer than an hour – a schedule that includes extra drills in case a drill is not working well or circumstances change.
  • End practice with a fun drill, contest, or scrimmage.

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Tom Nordland's Swish Shooting Method

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Great source of videos and articles on shooting the basketball.

Shooting Instruction


DISCLAIMER: The materials on this website are not endorsed by the Eagan Basketball Association or the Eagan Athletic Association. They are placed here as external sources for the education of our youth coaches. We do not control, monitor, or endorse this content. These links provide sources of information for the benefit of our coaches and their development. If you believe any referenced material is or has become non-basketball related, not helpful, or inappropriate, please contact the board.