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EBA Traveling Basketball Program:

  • Boys & Girls seasons, grades 3-8, run October to March.
  • Registration is typically from July to August.

EBA In-House Basketball Little Hoopsters (Kindergarten) Program:

  • Boys & Girls Kindergarten Little Hoopsters season runs February to March.
  • Registration is typically from September to December.

EBA In-House Basketball Grades 1-3 Program:

  • Boys & Girls In-House seasons, grades 1-3, run October to December.
  • Registration is typically from July to September.

EBA In-House Basketball Grades 4-6 Program:

  • Boys & Girls In-House seasons, grades 4-6, run January to March.
  • Registration is typically from September to October.

Wildcat Basketball Academy (Camp in April for Coaches and Players):

  • Every April, our coaches and players grades 3-8 receive elite instruction from expert coaches, high school coaches, and speakers. 
  • More information here: Wildcat Basketball Academy (
  • Registration is typically in February-March. 

In-House Grades 1-3 Basketball Registration

Registration for In-House Grades 1-3 opens in July and closed Sept. 13th.


Kindergarten Basketball Registration

Registration opens in September for Little Hoopsters Basketball


The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

In-House Grades 4-6 Basketball Registration

Registration closed October 31 for In-House Grades 4-6 Basketball


2024-2025 Travel Basketball Online Registration - July 5 to August 31, 2024


Registration opens on July 5, 2024 for the 2024-25 Eagan Traveling Basketball Program.


Registration will close on August 15th. A $25 late fee will be charged to registrations received from Aug.16th- Aug 31st.


New to Traveling Basketball? Check out our "Traveling" page, "Traveling Myths" page, and "Traveling Tryouts" page (under the Traveling tab) for answers to some common questions.


Due to the significant time commitment required, we expect players to prioritize Traveling Basketball practices and games over other sports during the basketball season. DO NOT REGISTER FOR TRAVELING BASKETBALL IF YOU CANNOT COMMIT TO BASKETBALL AS YOUR PRIMARY SPORT DURING THE BASKETBALL SEASON. Our coaches and players commit significant time to prepare and play traveling basketball. Players with repeated unexcused absences or who do not prioritize traveling basketball over other sports may be benched or, in extreme circumstances, removed from teams.


Registration Costs:

Now through August 15th:

3rd grade: $375 + $25 nonrefundable tryout fee

4th-8th grade: $525 + $50 nonrefundable tryout fee


$25 Late Fee After August 15th through August 31st:

3rd grade: $400 + $25 nonrefundable tryout fee

4th-8th grade: $550 + $50 nonrefundable tryout fee


*The 2022 rates include the Grade State Tournament at the end of the year in addition to regular tournaments.

 Payment Options are online only - TWO OPTIONS

  • Pay in full at time of registration
  • * NEW Payment plan option – split with 3 payments: at time of registration with remaining payments taken out on Nov. 1, 2022 and Jan. 1, 2023. See below for payments breakdown:
    • Payment Plan amounts through August 15th: 
      • 3rd Grade: $150 on registering, $125 Nov. 1st and $125 on Jan. 1st
      • 4th-8th Grade: $175 upon registering, $200 Nov. 1st, $200 on Jan. 1st


  • Credit Card: VISA, Discover or Mastercard
  • Check card: from your checking account
  • Offline (check payments) will NOT be accepted

*Processing fees will be added to the final total.  Processing fees are the fees that the credit card company and Sports Engine charge EAA to process a credit card transaction.

To begin registration: Click on the LINK below.


Refund Policy

If your child decided not to tryout, you are entitled to a full refund of your registration fee. A refund will automatically be issued, shortly after tryouts for any player who did not make a team. However, the $25 or $50 tryout fee will be not be returned.  In addition, a refund may be requested for any reason if the request is made prior to tryouts.

No refunds will be made for any player that makes a team after tryouts are complete!


EBA is planning to move forward with a regular season in terms of practices and tournament participation. We will continue to be mindful of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to follow recommended safety guidelines from the CDC, MDH, City of Eagan and ISD 196.


Tryouts will be scheduled for two weekends in September. Each grade will have two tryout sessions on one day each weekend with the exception of 3rd grade which has a one day tryout. We are working to finalize the complete schedule and it will be posted within the next few of weeks.


Click here for the tryout schedule.



Participating in travel basketball is a significant commitment for children, parents, and coaches.

The expectation of ETB is that travel basketball is the primary activity for those who choose to participate. Scheduling conflicts inevitably occur, but whenever possible should be avoided.

ETB’s playing time policy makes exceptions for those participants who do not regularly attend practices or games:

Coaches can deviate from the guidelines under “extenuating circumstances or situations” such as: a player repeatedly missing practice, player behavioral problems, player injuries, etc. During the traveling basketball season, basketball practices and tournaments should take precedence over activities other than family, church or school functions. If a player misses practices or games due to participation in another sport or activity, the coach is not required to abide by the fair and equal playing time guidelines.

Paid Coaches for Traveling Teams

The Eagan Basketball Board has decided to continue to have paid coaches for the following teams:

  • 7th grade girls team 1
  • 8th grade girls team 1
  • 7th grade boys team 1
  • 8th grade boys team 1

If your son or daughter is placed on one of these teams, the fee will be $100 extra per player in addition to the registration fee. If there are difficulties in paying this additional fee, please contact the EBA President at